The PK++ Mod for Painkiller is now available for download. It is a beta version and needs to be tested out to fix the last bugs. There are a lot of new features, gamefixes and a reworked hud. You are now able to change the hud right in the game with the quickmenu for your likes. Also there are now simple items. And much more things like a chaticon, when oppenent is writing or the new Gamemode Clan Arena, a vote GUI, a 125 fps cap for online playing and much much more things. Read the full Changelog for full details. The Beta is intended to take about 1 month, with every week a new update. For using “SuperHUD” or “Weapon positionning system”: - Press 0 numpad key, select “SuperHUD” or “Weapon Positionning” with the “2, 4, 6, 8″ numpad keys - Validate your choice with the “ENTER” numpad key and press the “HOME” key for “Quick HELP” -Then press “HOME” key and follows the instructions You can bind the Quick menu and the validate key to your Controls menu!

PK++ 1.3 Open Beta

best mod ever

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