You are a pizza delivery person, sent to the moon with a 1000 pizzas. Only to find the moon base empty of people! Discover the mystery behind the order and maybe make a friend on the way?

Pizza Quest in Space
BakedLoafer Author
BakedLoafer - - 1 comments

To play the game you can use WASD keys with the mouse, and use the E key to interact,
Or you can use the Xbox controller and X is to interact.
If you want to quit at any time, please just press the Tab key and type ‘exit’.

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AmaroqDricaldari - - 1,331 comments

Reminds me of that one game. The Greek Gods order pizza and you drive up to Mt. Olympus, and stop and get out. You have to walk all of the way up the mountain while throwing pizza at enemies that block the way, going back to your truck for reloads.

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Dick8843 - - 1 comments

Enjoyed this game . it reminded me of portal 2 with the humirous PC voice and i liked the little hidden easter egg involving the earth :-) . one or 2 times i missed what the Computer was saying and that bit of information was vital to what to do next. all in all not a bad effort .. well done guys !

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