This Homeworld 2 mod adds a third race allows you to play as or against in multiplayer and skirmish games. Known simply as "the Pirates", their sleek strike craft and quick capital ships strike fear into any opponent. This mod also implements minor universal gameplay changes and adds additional ships to the existing hiigaran and vaygr navies. This mod is not meant to challenge or create existing HW2 canon, is merely for everyone's enjoyment. v0.2 - Partial Pirate voice set added - Pirate Shipyard (name changed to pirate Battle Station) can now build production subsystems, weapon subsystems, and all ship classes - Pirate Battleship firepower increased slightly - Pirate Battle Carrier can now build fusion missile launchers - Pirate Carriers and shipyards can now cloak for twice as long as normal - Pirate Shipyard built with cloak module - Pirate Light Carrier now has intrinsic cloaking ability - Pirate Light Carriers can now build ships properly - Pirate hull defense gun accuracy...

Pirates Mod v0.2

This looks good though i downloaded on a another website and el zilch nothing happened ill try once more!

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