PICNIC is a 3 dimensional labyrinth game. And this 3 dimensions are not only spatial: The first dimension is the visual dimension, a surreal digital labyrinth in which the user is awaking in the middle of a nightmare. Far away is a kind of bright green plastic hill, this seems to be, close to a strange phony star, the only colorful thing in the monochrome game world. On a wall is something written, inviting the user to go to the green hill, to the "picnic hill". On another wall: The user should listen carefully, THEY will show him/her the way. If the user is "listening carefully", THEY will "show you the way". And actually, if the user is searching a way through the visual labyrinth, THEY appear and THEY are telling something... It seems to be a story... about someone, who is planning to make (the game) picnic or even to have a picnic, but something happens... maybe something very scary... So the second dimension is the story labyrinth. While searching a way through the labyrinth...

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