Peeter mod v1.25 files here, you only need extracting files and copying these files into your Yuri game directory. Before you copying mod files into Yuri game directory, do your pure Yuri game copy so if something is happened, then you have got background files of Yuri game. Have fun. This is second download stuff of my Peeter mod. This mod version is 1.25 . I this version of package haven`t got theme.mix file because it get earlier version of that and theme. mix file in 1.25 and 1.3 haven`t changed from 1.1 theme.mix file. In this theme.mix file is game music and if you don`t copying over it older true theme.mix file, then you have got only 8 songs, if you copying over with 1.1 theme.mix file, then you have got over 40 songs(i added in there 32 songs into this file)

Peeter mod v1.25 (without theme.mix)
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