This is the version 1.60 patch for Vietcong: First Alpha. Read more information for all of the patch notes. Fist Alpha patch v1.60 Vietcong and Fist Alpha patch v1.60 - This patch allows Vietcong and Fist Alpha player's to play together (Vietcong maps only) - Vietcong players can pick up new FA weapons from the ground and use them. - Vietcong players can use new skins that included in FA. - Voice chat Support for Internet games. Server can turn it off, or set it at low or high quality and clients can switch it off or on. The system calculates with player’s distances and also plays the speech correctly in 3D (or 2D when client has stereo output only), console commands to set server, clients and to get current status. - Possibility to set CTF respawn time - in the server settings window, .ded files command and the console command too. - new console command to set TT mode mission time and respawn time - new console command for ignoring chat messages from chosen players - fixed: banip

Patch Vietcong 1.41 to 1.6
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