Painkeep 2.x - bug fix two. Fixes bugs dealing with bots, hub, & bot voting as detailed in readme.txt. The main install (painkeep v2.0 beta) must be completed first! This is for quake 1 (one). Under darkplaces engine - quake 3 maps are supported, but it is still a quake one mod.

Painkeep v2.2 update
numbersix Author
numbersix - - 2,244 comments


Quake one - - please get an authorized copy, its easy.

Main install (painkeep v2.0 beta - must be completed first!

An advanced video hardware enabled quake one engine such as the open source glquake included (with pre-compiled linux binary - look under painkeep/linux_quake.)

Recommended to maximize your fragging pleasure with this mod:

Darkplaces engine -

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numbersix Author
numbersix - - 2,244 comments

The follow up (bug fix 3) will attempt to get quake 3 map jump pads working, provide an improved version of the map "chaos heaven" and perhaps add a bot (darkplaces havoc bot) to the mix. Dont expect it too soon - I plan to release an alpha of the new generations code, supporting quake 1, quake 2, quake 3, and interpreted doom and wolfenstein 3d!

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Almost forgot, bf3 will also take a stab at the zombie models the frikbots leave behind after they vote on a hub level.

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badmojo91 - - 2 comments

I know this is pretty old now, and Id be surprised if I got a reply to this..

The FOV been hard-coded to revert back to 80 after death, is there a way to keep it at what I set it to permanently?

Can I disable chasecam permanently?

Even after setting sv_pk100 to 1, some weapons still angled rather than centered, is it possible to just have it centered like it should be?

Can I disable that e1m1 music from doom on the start map?

All I really want is painkeep 1.1 but with bots.. is that possible?

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