Contents: --- progs.dat - compiled code ||| quake.rc - server script ||| *.cfg - various config files for admin & menu features ||| pk_qc.tgz - qc source code ||| disclaimer - licensing and legal document ||| painkeep_update_v2.1.txt - instructions, credit, & feature document ||| sound/* - relative links to quake/id1/sound/ files ...... This archive should be extracted in {quake 1 root folder}/painkeep. Check the links under quake/painkeep/sound/alt_ambience, and quake/painkeep/sound/alt_sounds to make sure they are valid. See painkeep_update_v2.1.txt and disclaimer.txt for documentation details. *** NOTE: you must edit admin.cfg and set a password code [digits 0-9 only] to use admin features - they are disabled (code = -1) by default for server security.

Painkeep source update version 1.2
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