This Kickstarter special pre-alpha demo features: one of many quests that will be available in the full game, as well as: 38 visitable locations 20 ships to encounter 40 NPCs to meet Fully-implemented combat with 2 heroes, 1 companion, 3 allies, and 14 enemies. Instead of giving the player a potentially unbalanced or incomplete roguelike experience, the we’ve decided to have the demo focus on a single quest to give you the general feel of gameplay. As you will see on the disclaimer, please keep that in mind this is a pre-alpha build of Overfall. You will find that most of the world is either empty or bizarrely obsessed with getting you to a particular island. Don’t worry! This is only one of many stories you will be able to experience on Overfall. There are many, many more to come. Also, please do not be alarmed by any disembodied voices, teleporting heroes, or paralyzed NPCs.These are perfectly normal breakdowns of the fabric of reality and will be resolved shortly.

Overfall - Kickstarter Special Pre-Alpha Demo
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