This is the first full release of Orbsphere: Prelude. How to play? Simply extract and run 'orbsphere.exe'. More details on modding will appear later. Warranty: The files here are provided as-is with no warranty express or implied. While every effort has been made to ensure that they are functional and safe, the application contained is run at the user's own risk. By downloading and executing this application you accept that you do so at your own risk.

Orbsphere: Prelude (v1)
Gregor9 - - 1 comments

Yeah, I would like to check out this demo, but you state three times in one paragraph that we do so at our own risk. While I understand that running incomplete/untested games can be risky, is there some problem with this particular program and, if so, could you give us more info as to what to look out for? thanks.

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Swixel Author
Swixel - - 1 comments

I appear to have uploaded a version which made a call to something not included (a library which I shouldn't have compiled for release here); which I have in my build directory (and for some strange reason in my test directory), but can't include here.

I've put a new version up in place of this one, with three files.

The only problems you should face are due to issues with your hardware (or your operating system / wine) not supporting it. However, I need to cover myself, hence stating that it's at your own risk.

Sorry for the delay in reply, I've been busy working on a replacement engine.

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