-Almost Finished- -Will Be Buggy! ================================================== Wow! This has over 600 Scripts! ONaS 1 had only 201! #TripleScripts Currently in Development! Controls at Bottom! Added Community Guidelines On/Off Switches for Jumpscares And Static. (NOTE: If you press new game too early,you will hear the title music in the office, so press the new game button after the loud static stops on the title screen in the beginning). The Warehouse now has 2 animatronics. (And a Plushie) There is a Legend That Tells of spirits Haunting a local Warehouse, and you have decided to spend a night there to see if it's true... Can You Survive another night at Scoot's? Controls! Press buttons for lights and lock Press camera button to put camera up Press arrows to navigate through the office

One Night at Scoot's 2 (Official)
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