Build 1.1.038 (Release 1.1) 2/3/2006 -------------------------------------- Release build 1.1.038 is a PATCH BUILD and MUST be installed over Release 1.0. Changes / fixes include: Enhancements ------------ - New Ready-Up Mechanism - Players will be required to ready up before they can run around on a map. - VIP changes - No more helmets on VIP's, and they now get a silenced MP5-SD. - Domination flags will now show on the map, including showing which team holds the flag. - Class Kit Loadouts have changed with additional weapons. - Downloaded maps can have commandmap textures included for use in game. Existing Weapon Changes ----------------------- - MP5-SD changes - Tracers are now turned off on the MP5-SD. - Rockets and GL's have a similar inaccuracy to firing bullets, including the effect that firing while moving makes accuracy worse. - Non-scoped zoom of M4 reduced to more realistic. - New M82A3 sniper shot drops player out of zoom due to fifty-caliber recoil. - Additional...

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