400 MISSIONS AND RACING GAME FOR GTA SAN ANDREAS and 52 for the game GTA UNITED 1. 200 races (100 and 100 in the opposite direction) with a drive against opponents five motorcyclists and 100 but same time without opponents folder 80nvknvkRACES_car folder 80nvknvk_trial_races_gta_san_andreas folder 40car races and trialPart 2 2. Same with 80 vs. 5 freeway motorcycle rider folder 80sa_nvknvk_races_chopper 3.40 to less samoletche, opponents are below the arrow to fly in Checkpoint, must copy the file in a folder handling.cfg GTA SAN ANDREAS \ DATA folder 40 rcbaron fly races 4. Other missions and games folder other mission and races ---- 1.EXPLOSION RACES Races to time. You choose the road until the sensor reaches the right of the screen 50 (donttouchit0to17races), 50 (explosion0to17races), 50 (fast & danger0to16races), 20 (pass_gates0to16races) And it audibly turn around and have to walk all the way in the opposite direction in the way that you come without hang explosive barrels

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