NiV-Deer is a attempt to emulate a corrupted version of doom but run it stately and fairly.

NiV-Deer Version 66

Not to be insulting, but ist this a terry wad?

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Night_Eoss Author

Your not insulting. If I played this and heard the weird sounds I would think that it is one but no it is not. Terry wads usually lead people into a false state before playing loud sounds and trolling them. This wad however was designed over the course of 2 years to emulate a corrupted version of doom stably while adding new assets to challenge the player. Where a Terry wad is unfair NiV-Deer is fair. I just think there is something mesmerizing about glitches and corruptions.

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Thanks for your reply.I will download it later and give it a try.Good luck to you on future projects! :D

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