This is the MultiplayerCountriesModv1.60. There are 36 new playable nations, with 76 new dynamic regions for customizable war goals furthermore there are more balanced resources. Please take a look at the Read Me.txt for more information. Checksum with "tfh extension and balancing MOD": (NRJN) Checksum MCM: (AUQS) Installation: -Replace your tfh folder in the game folder of HOI3 with the modded one. -Delete all files in C:\Users\User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III\map\cache folder. -Then start the game with the "launcher.exe"! -Choose in the Launcher if you play MCM with "tfh extension and balancing MOD" or not. -Remember always do backup. Have fun playing it with lots of your friends! by someone1000000

Multiplayer Countries Mod v1.60
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