Strikers Mod 2.0 The Strikers game type is focused on small, highly maneuverable combat swarms. This mod is only compatible with the post-patch (version 1.1) Homeworld 2 game. Version 2.0 is playable online, and has several new features: ** customizable start fleets - play with 1 carrier, 2 carriers, 3 carriers, shipyard, or the standard mothership/carrier combination. The shipyard-only start should make for some interesting "base defense" type games. ** expanded unit caps for large swarms ** optional resource injections, with audio messages to let you know when they arrive ** a brief opening text message onscreen to clue new players of the mod as to the gameplay rules ** The AI has not been customized, but as the limits come from simple unit cap changes, typically the computer player does pretty well. Occasionally you might get a glitch where they seem to pause. This is undoubtedly due to the AI spending its time and money researching things it is not able to build. I plan to...

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