Hey there fellow particles! This is an updated PC build. I have added wolves and they are animated a bit. They have a simple follow script and a walk animation. Tweaked out the gun a bit, and most importantly, I've added a mixed down multitrack from Horror master Alex Khaskin who will be gracing the game/experience with his sound design. I've been spending a lot of time with pen and paper in preparation for getting down to business. Again, thanks for coming along on the ride. And remember, this is a TECH DEMO! There's no end, just exploration and atmosphere. :D

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Dude,these are not wolves,these are werewolfs(and they are fu**ing awesome)

Keep it up mate,great job!

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EricShofe Author

Thanks!!! They will be sweet once I get around to putting some time into making them rad. :D

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Good game, but for some reason the wolves appear in the sky for me. They follow me, and I can't kill them. Are they supposed to fly? lol

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