Changes in Beta 0.5 =================== Edited Painkiller (Red cross on top of lid) Dragunov & Sniper do far more damage Ingram now holds 50 bullets Dual Ingrams hold 100 bullets as they did in Max Payne 1 All other weapons do a bit more damage from their default vaules (you get less bullet time just to even it out) New Main Menu Image New Alfred Woden (swapped heads with booze bum B) New Booze Bum B (Wodens Face) New Vlad (never liked how he was i just couldnt be assed at the time now he has a cool moe lololol) New Cop Jackets (One Male other female) New Cop Pants (One Male other female) New Cleaner Face (Shares the same head texture as bystander thats at the cop station) New Bystander jacket and jeans New Molotov (brown bottle and green lined rag) Shoot through objects (wood, boxes, glass etc) (Thanks to Fr0z3n77) Bullet Time Tweaked Grey Flash when bullet time is enabled Cheat Edited (Now get unlimited painkillers when you use the master cheat code) + more read the readme

Mod Beta 0.5 Download + Intro clip included

Link not working

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Bacon28 Author

There was the finished version released...

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