Update v2.0 - Made the Grenades Craftable at the Chemistry Station, as they were not showing up at the Vendors they were supposed to. They are located in the Grenades Section of the Chemistry Station. See the screenshots for crafting requirements. Ever get tired of not having an effective way to call in Minutemen support? Then this is the mod for you! Adds a new Grenade, the Minutemen S.O.S Grenade, to the game. These grenades spawn the custom Minutemen Heavy NPC's from my Mod, From The Akashic Records. The NPC's spawned by these grenades are level 30 and carrying Automatic Laser Rifles, as well as Molotov Grenades. You can find 5 of these Grenades in the Museum of Freedom. They are located on the table in the room where you have your initial conversation with Preston Garvey. To obtain additional Grenades, simply visit any vendor who sells Frag Grenades or Molotovs.

Minutemen SOS Grenades
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