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As promised I will be uploading part 1 of my mod collection. Problem is that I can not upload anything 2.4GB or more at a time without getting an ERROR message, this is only about 1.4GB, a TEST to make sure it upload, maps included wil be located in the description. I WILL NOT BE UPLOADING MODS THAT ALREADY EXIST ON MODDB, ONLY ONES THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON MODDB!

Mike's Battlefront 2 Mods & Maps Collection #1

Thanks for sharing MikeTheBeastsVideos!

I just find out some mods are already uploaded here, you may want to remove them from your pack so the file size drops a bit and (I carefully double checked, these on Moddb are the exact same as the ones in your pack):

+0827Ant1's Darth Maul Revenge:
+Abraxas Platform by Maveritchell:
+1st Mission: Felucia TCW by Benoz
+327th Legion Mod/Remastered sides mod by Allumette: -you couldn't have guessed that one the mod page was originally named "327th Side Mod" but Allumette changed it to "Remastered Side mod"
+Imperial 501st Clone Legion 2.0:
+Acid word of Vjun:

in map pack part 2:
+Battle Of Geonosis 125th (Beta):
+Battle of Christophsis by Ractor2A:
+Battlefront Mandalorians Era Mod:
+Battle of Endor by Maveritchell:

Hope this will be taken in consideration (took time to test everything out to see if it was the same version as yours), and I hope it helps you!

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MikeTheBeastsVideos Author

I really do appreciate the (probably) countless hours you took for doing this, it is a big help. I did not include Felucia, i removed it because I found the ModDB file. I think the 2 problem I had was not putting the word MOD after typing it in to google which is why ones like Acid World of Vjun did not come up and I was not really searching certain ones up because I thought it was deleted from ModDB. I will try in later packs to decrease the repetitiveness in future releases. As for these current ones I might not reupload them just because of long upload times, sorry if that sounds lazy but slow internet does not help my patience. My third file was supposed to be uploaded yesterday but internet problems arised and I could not.

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