Terrified citizens are reporting strange small scale battles taking place throughout the country. These battles appear to revolve around odd glowing gems similar to marbles being gathered by 8cm tall “Midgets”. These midgets swarm everywhere in search of marbles, Forests, pool halls, houses, gardens, shops, wherever there are marbles these creatures are fighting for them. The mod includes items such as: PUNCH, CHAINSAW, SWORD, HAMMER, LASER PISTOL, TOMMY GUN, SNIPER RIFLE, SPIKE BALL, SHIELD, MARBLE, SYCAMORE SEEDS, CONKER, TWIG, and LEAF. There are currently only two maps for Midget Wars:-mwForest: Supports all gametypes. The team recomends this map.-mwDemo: An example level, only really good for deathmath/team deathmatch.

Midget Wars Beta 1.0
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