There was an issue with the dynamic weather system that made playing some maps a bit annoying so it had to be changed. Now instead of lunching by it self based on destructible type detection the weather system has to be activated manually by a specific command. If you type in "-Help" (without quotes) a quest will appear named "Info" with a list of commands from which you can set the weather and tweak a few other things. This mod is designed to be used mainly with melee maps. It is very light in terms of game manipulation and with the future updates I plan to release, most if not all features from this mod can be enabled or disabled so there won't be a need for you to switch from one copy of the game to another or to constantly replace the MPQ files. In this bundle I also added some of my maps which can also be downloaded from - good place for maps or any other resource you might need for your custom scenario.

MFMod v1 3
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