Metal Beta Testing 2 A Quake Modifcation Created by Arthur (Fox -AJ-) Phelps TOC: 1) What's New/Install /* ================ (1) - About Metal/What's New ================ */ ::Install:: Delete any and all files from your previous versions of Metal if you have any. (Just delete the folder called "metal") The file should self-extract. However, all that is necessary is that the "metal" folder in the archive is put into the default "Quake" folder, the same folder that holds your quake.exe, winquake.exe, and so on. Shortcuts have been included to make things easy, if you have quake installed in "C:\quake." The shortcuts are in the "metal" folder. Otherwise, run the version of quake you wish to play with the commandline "-game metal". Darkplaces and TomazQuake are two engines I enjoy running Metal on. ::What's New:: *New Map - The new map is "Jungle CTF." Two forts, and a jungle between them. It was my first...

Metal Beta 2
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