!!!UPDATED TO FIX DEDICATED SERVER!!! DELETE OLDER VERSION BEFORE INSTALL Meta-Genesis changelog from version Alpha01a moving forward to Alpha01b. -Lance ----------------------------- mg-blitz ----------------------------- -Fixed bomb site prop collisions -Altered top floor over looking bomb site and added side rail\opening. -Added a break in the handrail that blocked off pathing -Removed crates from being nestled into a wall. -Added tops to Generator cage to avoid getting trapped -Added player clip brush on back side of generator cages ----------------------------- code ----------------------------- -Decreased T.A.R. damage -Increased Maverick damage -c4 planting can now be bailed out on as well as being able to plant on walls,etc -Can no longer plant c4 after rounds end\round win -To pick up weapons off the ground, you have to look at them and press the 'USE' key -Decreased knife damage bonus for strength points for 4-5 points\Decreased primary fire next attack...

Meta-Genesis Alpha01b
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