Hello, so I just re-installed Steam because of issues with my SSD-drive, and I did run into multiple issues - one of these issues was that the videos didn't play in the background of many mods despite the .cfg-file of said mods being the same as before - the reason I found out was because the medieval2.preference-file of the main Medieval2-folder/game had been changed to the original and it no longer were overwrite-protected.. In Warcraft Total War this file is needed for videos to play in the backgrpund-menu - but what I didn't know was that Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate wouldn't have functioning scripts without this file, as when I started the game as Hyrule I didn't get the welcome-message and on turn 2 the other scripts didn't happen - this means a crash later on turn 3 or 4.. You do need this file for the mod if using Steam - maybe even for the CD-version of the game. Place in the main Medieval2-folder and overwrite the old file.

medieval2 preference-file needed for scripts to function!
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