Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.662 -New lighting in many locations. Mark’s apartment, Fillipelli home interior, and the interior of the first casino has been relit and now has many more shadows. -New spooky battle theme plays in Day 1 opening battle. -New spooky lens flare from the moon in Day 1 opening battle. -Enable sound button and music/ sound effect volumes now work correctly in all scenes. -New colors used on the music and sound volume sliders. -Hospital cafeteria chairs now have a green fabric from gray. -Casino restaurant chairs now have new colors. -Contrast increased in all scenes/ levels. -Changed colors of some other objects to make the scene more interesting and color varied -Start Menu is now faster to load -Tons of Ekosi additions and fixes. Please check our website for more comprehensive patch notes.

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.662 for Windows
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