Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.737 LINUX. IMPROVEMENT: Loading the list of Save/Load files is now slightly faster. FIXED: The arcade mode works again! Hooray! FIXED: Player’s decks won’t disappear after part way through day 1. FIXED: Players can now customize their decks again. FIXED: Battleboard: If a player used the large map and then entered a battle. Sometimes the some of buttons on the battle board would become unusable. This no longer occurs. FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark no longer spawns in the corner of a map if the user exited the game just after reaching the large bridge (second bridge). FIXED: Inventory: The player now receives money for selling single cards to the merchants. Before players could only make money by selling cards from a stack. FIXED: Inventory: Fixed placing cards into deck slots. Before if a stack of 2 cards was placed into a deck slot, it would destroy one of the cards placed into it. More in the description...

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.737 for Linux
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