Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.715 NEW: Added campfire scene to the end of Day 4. NEW: Song added to general Ekosi battles “Inversion”. Total of four general Ekosi battle songs and each song has a 1/4 chance to play. More to come in the future. NEW: Day 4: Added the option to teleport back to camp after collecting all the wood. CHANGED: Day 4: Added a dialogue line to Krista when hiking. MAJOR FIX: Fixed nearly all cases of mini-map quest arrows that don’t disappear. FIXED: Arcade mode, Bertrand’s tutorial page 2 was too high. FIXED: Day 1: The mini-map for Mark’s home now fills the dimensions of the mini-map. FIXED: Day 3: Fixed Broski’s battle board dialogue.

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.715 for Windows
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