Patch notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.655 -Added tooltips in the Ekosi battle board for most elements. -Added a new Ekosi battle board background (can only be played with Ryan in Arcade mode for now) -Added categories for the Option menus (Game, Sound Graphics). -Added: Tooltips can be toggled on or off in the options menu. -Updated: Save data has been changed. All options menu preferences, statistics and achievements data is now saved in a separate file and cannot be deleted in the options menu like before. -Fixed: Sound effects volume is now correctly loaded and set in the startmenu. -Fixed Ryan’s lines in arcade mode so he doesn’t call himself a loser -Changed the some sound effects for the help menu in the Ekosi battle board. -Changed the fade in/ fade out of Ekosi battle board dialogue displaying from the opponent. It should last longer and have a smoother transition.

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.655 for Mac
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