Patch notes for Luckless Seven alpha 0.653: -New models: Ryan, Krista, Maria, Bertrand, Jacob and Jamie 3d models have been added. -Music: Very Expensive Lounge is now in Casino Inside. -Music: An Adventure Begins is now in Casino Outside. -Two mouse cursors added. Semi-transparent magnifying glass and chat bubble mouse cursors that show if Mark is too far away to talk to a person or activate a door. -Auto run is implemented for clicking on door buttons. -Jen who replaced Mick in outside the casino and now has her minimap icon turn off correctly when defeating her. -Added information to the controls page in the phone menu. -Fixed phone menu so Sound and Graphics page now work again. -Fixed phone menu so world map now works again. -Minor graphical fixes for the phone menu menus (achievements, load) tabs. -Fixed a trigger bug that didn’t allow the player to progress from day 2 to day 3 without going through the start menu.

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.653 for Mac
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