- Released Day 2. Approximately 45 minutes more story content with many extra ekosi battles available. Demo story length is now 1hr and 30mins, with a couple more hours in just Ekosi battles. - Shop keeper is available in day 2, you’re now able to customize your deck. More powerful cards will be available in the future areas. - New splash image added to the game launcher - New feature for the ekosi battle board: once a player reaches a score marker with the draw cards symbol. It will put a blank marker on their opponent’s score marker for that particular round. To show that new cards will not more cards will not be dealt. - Fixed the audio glitch when the player would enter a dialogue scene, sometimes causing the music to repeat the last three seconds. - Numerous fixes to the mini-map and the local-map - Changed the roof in the start menu to be slightly transparent - Numerous dialogue tweaks. Added commas, missing words, replaced words, etc. - Numerous bugs squashed.

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.640 for Windows
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