Lover's Quarrel - RC2 (Release Candidate 2) Well, that was a long wait! Like with many people, the period after Valentine's Day hit the dev team hard and it took a while for us to get back on our feet. We've made numerous updates to Lover's Quarrel and hope to be able to put out a version to idgames soon! Feedback to this RC2 would be very much appreciated! Changelog compared to RC1: -Updates to over half the maps. Ranging from bug fixes to balancing to completely overhauling several maps, especially on the Deathmatch front. -Fixed spelling, wrong names etc.. -Removed superfluous textures. -Finished all of the spriting for the final release. -Added demos, the remaining menu graphics, intermission texts, lighting for ZDoom engines etc.. Known issues RC2: -Quit Messages don't show in non-ZDoom ports for an unknown reason. -Chaingunner death sprite doesn't show for unknown reason.

Lover's Quarrel - RC2
StarmantheBlaziken - - 119 comments

Ah, I see that map 26's Death Match secrets were removed. I meant to report that one, but at least it was fixed while I forgot about it. Other than the exit can be interacted with as soon as you enter the map what with how Doom's sectors can work at any height.

Also, a minor I probably could (have) mention(ed) that the imps' gib death and chaingunners normal death do not get flowers on them but their opposite death states do have flowers.

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