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This is the official release of the Living_City Mod for Watch Dogs created by The_Silver

Living_City Mod 1.8
The_Silver Author

Living_City MOD Update 1.8 Changelog:

- Released LOOSE FILES version specifically made for easier merging with other graphic mods.
- Enabled access to inmates rooftop yard of Palin Correctional Center unlocked interior.
- Added more voicelines for blowing up target and evading in ARMOR PLATED random event.
- Applied proper video displayed on Blume Information Kiosk screen inside Pawnee Blume HQ.
- Added specific profiler informations to Blume Information Kiosk inside Pawnee Blume HQ.
- Fixed unescapable Ambush chase if triggered when starting specific random events.
- Disabled useless re-hack of Iraq's mainframe server inside Rossi-Fremont unlocked interior.
- Prevented G1gg1L3s videos from playing on city screens if exiting his camera by FastTravel.

Living_City MOD Update 1.7 Changelog:

- Replaced personal vehicle Sonarus LX of First_Load script with a black Vespid 5.2
- Improved spawn of personal vehicle feature of First_Load script to prevent bugs.
- Fixed VIP limo of BREAKTHROUGH random event not appropriately fleeing after VIP hacked.
- Improved Prison interior script to ensure player can't trap himself inside it.
- Included a fix for a rare bug where First_Load camera could start in a wrong position.
- Implemented additional checks to safely disable the mod while playing Bad Blood.

Living_City MOD Update 1.6.1 Changelog:

- Removed leftover debug script that might have displayed debug messages in custom missions.

Living_City MOD Update 1.6 Changelog:

- Made G1gg1L3s apartment camera intrudeable again at any time after completing his mission.
- Completely fixed Human Traffic custom mission of Loop district (including unhackable laptop).
- Completely fixed new Gang Hideouts contracts (now completable also by killing all enemies).
- Improved Replace_Scan feature and prevented conflicts with any vanilla mission.
- Slightly lowered RoF of enemy pistols so they shoot believably instead of full-auto madmen.
- Enabled collision with civilians for NPC bullets (in vanilla they just hit you through them).
- Fixed rare chance of final campaign mission breaking due to Merlaut unlocked interior.

Living_City MOD Update 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.1 Changelog:

- Added "THE FUTURE IS IN BLUME" unlocked interior inside pawnee Blume HQ restricted area.
- Added "THE PALACE" unlocked interior from The Palace Pack and made it a new hideout.
- Added "HOPE IS A SAD THING" T-Bone workplace interior and made it a new hideout.
- Reworked existing "THE RAT'S LAIR" unlocked interior and made it a new hideout.
- Initial fix for Human Traffic custom mission of Loop district (proper destination arrival).
- Initial fix for both new Gang Hideouts contracts (now completable by leaving their area).
- Added "Empty" items in gunshops which allows to empty any weapon slot you want.
- Ensured main gates ctOS box of Pawnee Blume HQ is always hackable when appropriate.
- Fixed chance of Rossi-Fremont restricted area re-enabling too early after killing Iraq.
- Fixed chance of inventory improperly restored after EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT random event.

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