1.2 Release: Full overhaul of most of the core mechanics The first and second civil wars will now occur as events along a story arc, with many choices possible Ghaddafi can now die of old age during the rebellion Added airstrikes and foreign intervention (NATO, Russia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey). Militias and troops can now be drone-striked by foreign supporters depending on the situation Added militias temporarily allying and rebelling against the local government Added a historic path for an early conclusion of the civil war (> one year) via NATO's help The Jamahiriya will most likely crush the initial rebels within a year unless they receive some kind of foreign support THE SECOND LIBYAN CIVIL WAR (HISTORICAL PATH) IS NOT YET SUPPORTED OR IMPLEMENTED, BUT AN EARLY SECOND CIVIL WAR (SIMULTANEOUS WITH THE FIRST) WILL OCCUR IF THE REBELS CANNOT AGREE IN THE EARLY MONTHS AND FORM THE NTC

Libyan Civil War Mod 1.2
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