Fixes In Legacy 2.02 - Possible hospital bug where workers are going to hospital when not sick [Finished] <---Needs testing. Mostly Vanilla code should be fixed. - Fix Tutorial #6 - Power & influence [Finished] - Add XP for scholars, craftmen & patrons as they work [Finished] - Remove "Talk" measure from officesessions and trials [Finished] - Fix arsenal error where button does not show up to purchase troops for war (need this to gain imperial fame and advance in nobility) [Finished] - Remove extra mill worker [Finished] - The Pirate's Nest in building requirements it shows some string. Also some names are displayed wrongly when placed on the map (building rank 2 and 3) [Finished] - Fix AI Hijacking bug (AI permanently frozen in this measure) [Finished] - [Fixed] Possible bug: Mills spamming inside cities [Finished] - [Fixed] Pirate ships that are not hidden love to stop moving every two meters [Finished] - [Fixed] Fishermen boats stuck in attack mode (possibly caused by watchtowers)

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