The Ludum Dare 35 entry version of Shifting Dungeons for Linux. Installation instructions: Extract the zip file. You'll see a folder and two files - if you're on a 32-bit system, you want the .x86 file, else you'll need the .x86_64 file. Try double-clicking the relevant file, or in the terminal, navigate to the location of the game and type either: ./<game name>.x86 or ./<game_name>.x86_64 Note: you'll need to keep the "<game name>_Data" folder in the same directory as the game executables in order for the game to run. If the game fails to start, check that the executables have Execute permissions - on Ubuntu, right-click and select "Properties", navigate to the "Permissions" tab and check the "Execute" checkbox at the bottom. You may also ensure permissions are correct by going into the terminal and entering either: chmod +x <game name>.x86 or chmod +x <game name>.x86_64 Writing installation instructions for Linux users is much more tedious than Windows or Mac :L

LD35 - Shifting Dungeons (Linux)
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