How far can you go?? Labyrinth Larry is a labyrinth escape game where you are plunged into a virtually unlimited series of labyrinths that increase in size and complexity as the game progresses. The player has a limited amount of time to collect a number of goal orbs and avoid different pitfalls and traps in order to open the portal leading to the next labyrinth. Due to the nature of the enclosed spaces, the game lends itself well to natural jump-scare encounters, especially in the higher levels. Gameplay: Gameplay is very straight forward and uses the standard WASD keys with mouse-look to navigate and space bar to jump. The left SHIFT key provides a temporary sprinting boost, while the E key drops a flare and the F key operates your flashlight. Each level gets larger and more complex, and you are never given the same labyrinth twice, not even when you fail and try the same level again.

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