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kof 97 alpha v0.80
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The King of Fighters mod v0.54
1. The number of passers-by in towns and villages increased
2. The tavern owner adds a mushroom-head emoji
3. The new skill of Eight Gods' Temple has been slightly adjusted in its body position
4. In the interface of camping, there are now five random opening animations before the full animation of the characters of Nunnah. Some of them start with funny comic books.
5. You can no longer use the skill below 200. Press E to gather gas
The Emperor of Fighters modV0.53 changed:
1. Skills expanded to 9, WASD single press or two combination press + click the right mouse button to select a specific skill to release, direct right mouse button is a random skill, that is to say J is no longer the skill key, the defense button is adjusted to the mouse wheel slide.
Double-click the move button in that direction for sprinting.
3. Hitcombo digital display.

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