Kashyyyk Battlefront Beta Demo v1.1 Improvements: -added more platforms -added trees abovce the circle to look more like inside -some bug fixes This is my first Map Mod so it may have some bugs and stuff but it will be fixed in the next beta release this is at Beta Release so, i'm sorry for some scratches The Republic Has setted a camp in one big hole in the Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk. While they where at rest, a group of CIS droids tracked their camp. They where ambushed by the droids, the droids may be in small forces but they have strong firepower. will they win will they survive? it is up to you to deside.

Kashyyyk Battlefront: Ambush Beta Demo 1.1
CommanderStrell Author
CommanderStrell - - 16 comments

if you find any glitches plss let me know.

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lukepriefer - - 334 comments

message me also your server invite doesn't work

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CommanderStrell Author
CommanderStrell - - 16 comments

sorry not to notify you bcs i deleted my server already. you can use the gametoast server link also bcs i am in there

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