Tool for tricking Kane's Wrath into thinking that Tiberium Wars is installed. Useful to those who only bought Kane's Wrath or to those who want to save storage space on their device by only having Kane's Wrath installed.

Kane's Wrath NoTW Spoofer

wait how is this useful? wouldn't the game will have problems cause it'll need the support of tiberium wars?

like generals zero hour?

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Medstar Author

Nope; tested it with a fresh disk installation of Kane's Wrath on a machine that didn't have Tiberium Wars, and it worked like a charm.

Kane's Wrath acts as its own separate game. The only thing it does when detecting if Tiberium Wars is installed is checking if a couple of files are present on your computer--doesn't even read the files, it just checks if they exist in a specified directory within the registry. This tool makes those dummy files as well as the needed registry key.

As for why it's useful, read the full description; all details are there :)

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