Hi! I am a game developer and I have teamed up with other artists in the Normalboots fan base and I am going to be putting out 1 to 2 prototypes of Normalboots based games a week. This is the first one I made in like 6 hours. Let me know what you would want in a Normalboots game if one got put up on their site. I love the site but nothing really keeps me coming back so I am doing this in hopes that a game can get put up on the site and that way people will stay on Normalboots to watch amazing videos and play some good games. Let me know what you think of this build. What would you do differently? Thanks everyone for the help I will be available to answer questions and such just msg me. Also if you have any art you would like to contribute like music or fan art let me know! Thanks again everyone! Enjoy the game and more to come! (How to play) The link should send you to a file and in the download you should get 2 files. One is .html open that with your browser and the game should com

Jontron: Birdemic vs New York (free game)
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