3rd release of Ion Domination Mod This Mod Is Ion Domination Mod Lot of feature realese changes: Allied,Soviet,Yuri have: paris tower=All Of Them psychic beacon=Allies And Soviets Are Allowed psychic amplifier=YuriCountry Allowed their cost is 500 power that get is 100 (note:if u are in last mission on soviet pls. disable this mod and enable on skirmish or allied capaign)(build only barracks all superweapons will appear):) If You Like Better Mods Download ARES,You Decided When no Ares,Game will not crashed Without ARES,When You Use ARES,Game Will Not crashed,I tested it with patch or without patch (DON'T USE NPATCH OR GAME WILL CRASHED): Another Added,And AI Can Build This Ion Cannon=from lightning storm and psychic dominator Chrono tower Flame Thrower Lunar Pillbox Yuri Airpad Yuri Service Depot Soviet Airpad Allied Oil Derrick Soviet Oil Derick Yuri Oil Derick Ai's Repair Depot ;Excuse me,this the another service depot can ai build ok Sensor Defense=Allied and Soviet Own Version O

Ion Domination Mod 3rd RELEASED
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