Networking working fairly well, hope you all enjoy, and please leave some suggestions cause this game took me quite a while to make and I want to keep improving it, it's actually the first game I ever make in Unity and I'm pretty proud of it myself. The game is NOT finished, there are a lot of bugs, but definitely check it out :)

Interstellar Survival 64

I tried it. Had trouble connecting to the North America server.

Hitting Join just viewed the world and eventually brought me back to the menu.

Hitting host loaded the world, with trees, but did not progress past that. Not super sure of why, my guess was possibly a high load time, but I didn't want to wait more than 6 minutes in case it was a bug.

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rubendariopm14 Author

The thing is, those don't connect to a server, those are just teams and the only thing they do is change your color on the minimap. To play multiplayer you need someone in your local network and connect with the IP address on the top when you click host :) . I'll hopefully add an actual server later on, I'm sorry I didn't explain well, I'll update the summary

The HOST button only uses the port to listen for new clients
The JOIN button uses the IP to connect to the server computer through the port

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