IM - V1: - All troop build times are 0. - 0 spawn delay on all HQ's. - HQ Health is 999999. - Popcap is set at 999. - Starting Resources is set at 999999. - All Hero Units can't die. - All upgrade times for troops are 0. - All wargear upgrade times are 0. - Re-arm costs for wargear are 0. - Each race has one heavily modified unit. Chaos - Great Unclean One Eldar - Avatar of Khaine Imperial Guard - Guardsmen Squad Space Marines - Assault and Normal Terminators Orks - Wartruck -All weapons rate of fire (if applicable) has been increased. -Each race as a selection of troops heavily modified. -Abilities costs and time costs have been reduced to 0. -All troops have increased movement speed.

Insanity Mod!

I tried to download this on Steam and I can't figure out how to get this working please help?

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Friendly_Xenomorph Author

there's a readme.txt file in the download that explains the process on how to get the mod to run (=

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