Increased Fog Distance & Sky Radius for Dark Crusade™ Expansion Pack.

Increased Fog Distance & Sky Radius (DC)

It seems that using this in combination with Titanium Wars causes some maps, like The Deimos Peninsula and The Hyperion Peaks, to grant a "Fatal Scar Error".

The fix is to remove the files that change the fox/sky, but is there any better fix than just that?

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Genin32 Author

It's because Titanium Wars uses those same maps too and scripts probably reference data that is no longer there if used with these maps and not their own.

The solution is to create an entirely new ver for Titanium Wars, but that's not something I'm willing to do. Ask if the owner of Titanium Wars is willing to create a merged ver.

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Thanks for the answer.

Indeed the author (or one of the active developers) is making a version of it, at least this mod still works for other maps itself.

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