What's new in V2.1: -Art files integrated into main Duke3d.grp to enable mod support -Fixed some Government Trooper art issues and enabled injured AI -Alternate map set without skybox support for people with skybox crashes -Added Magnum to some more earlier levels Once zipped into your IWv2 directory, either delete all of the *.art files in the directory or run the included bat file. If you've had trouble with the dynamic skyboxes in IWv2, included is a folder called 'No-skybox' - Simply copy it's contents into the main IW folder (make a backup of the existing map files if you wish) and overwrite when asked. This will remove the skyboxes from those maps and go back to the standard Environment maps that the other levels use. Also included is an updated Eduke32 snapshot - load times and performance are worse for myself, however your mileage may vary. If you have trouble with the included Eduke32.exe than try using the Eduke32_Alt.exe instead.

Imagination World v2 to v2.1 patch
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