With the addition of yet another trench style map, artillery balance is getting deeper, from ballistas being buffed for anti early artillery, and explosive ammo being geared towards disruption.

Igni Ferroque v3.0

Hey dude, I have a question. I've been following this mod for a while but I just realize that I'm not sure if the rebalancing and such that you've done here is just for multiplayer or if it applies for single player and campaign as well.

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AleksiMizaro Author

I have not worked on a campaign at all, but there have been a few people using this mod as a base for a single player campaign.

But if you have the vanilla files unpacked and want just a vanilla campaign with the units from this mod, you can copy across the "campaign" folder from data/world/maps from vanilla to the mod and that should let you play it (in theory). There might be a few other files you need though.

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