In this document I tried to find out some correlating number, which could be used for modder implemented race balancing. So, I watched how much does it cost to be able to build some vessel, without upgrades and anything else; compared similar purpose ships; after that I counted how much would it cost to get to the whole ship class. There are few describings how did I counted the time, so look there ) I wanted to upload orignal .ods (opendocument spreadsheet:, but it's not allowed here. So, if anyone wants to have the original (I was using formulas with predefined costs of modules) for own usage and redacting, PM me )

HW2 Hiigarian & Vaygr Research Price Comparison
Madman4700 - - 536 comments

This shall come in handy. Thanks

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Prez - - 158 comments

Wow. That had to take some time! Thx for doing it.

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HornetS - - 553 comments

Vary nice. Wow I haven't played hiigaran for so long I forgot how much some of those things cost!

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