You are waking up... You dont know where you are or when but the last thing you remember is that you were walking home from your daily pub in South England. The place is dark, cold and there is no one there but you. As you go forward and continuing deeper into this weird place you more and more understand that you are in a sick game and that there is a mysterious voice talking to you, saying that you wont survive, that things are hunting you. You are in this place called HUNTING GROUND.. Hope you will like this one!! :D

Hunting Ground

This is a really great custom story, i just finished playing it, i really enjoyed it. But i have a question, are they other endings ? Because in the end i got

[Spoiler for those who didn't played yet]

Killed by the monster after leaving the Manor.

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That is the only ending xD We wanted to go with a bad ending for this one

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