Re-live the SNES glory days with 16 bits of retro mayhem, bolstered by modern storytelling and humor, incredible music, and a challenging combat system. *Unique Combat - An action/puzzle battle system different than anything out there, but still intuitive. Simple rules but difficult to master. *Actual Writing - Heroes Must Die brings sincerely funny dialogue and engaging story. Not content for half-assed reference humor, HMD brings its full ass, and borrows a few other asses, to tell a structured tale with memorable characters and moment after moment of making you laugh without interrupting the flow. *Pixel Art - Retro-inspired graphics from artists who grew up on the best of the 16-bit era. Detailed backgrounds and sprites full of personality are brought to life with only the most limited of technology! *Rockin' Soundtrack - A fantasy/orchestral/prog rock mashup of funky tunes propel you through the game. *Free - Yup

Heroes Must Die (Mac)
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